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red rock

another red rock


Tonto - we didn't tell him about the bear


red rock

another famous red rock



Chapel on the mountain

Tom caught sleeping on the trolly

Bill at Cowboy Club bar





We drove to Sedona approx. 15 miles away. The red rock mountains are beautiful. We have all seen them in the movies but to see them in person is really special. We took a tour on the Trolley which took us around the entire area including a chapel on a mountain. (see pix)

The town is a tourist town with a lot of little interesting shops. You could spend hours just going from shop to shop. Yep that is exactly what we did. We also had lunch at the Cowboy Club, built in 1946. Years ago it was a Saloon. There were a lot of movies made in Sadona and & surrounding area with major stars which all came to the Cowboy Club, including Elvis, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, Jane Wyman, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, Donna Reed, Gene Autry, and Joan Crawfor. Recently, Rachael Ray also ate there and did a segment for her TVV show on the Food Network.

We tried "Fried Cactus" which was bland but ok with the dipping sauce they served & Coleslaw with chopped peanuts. Bill had a "Buffalo Wrap" which he liked. This afternoon he topped it off by eating Elk. As they say there is no accounting for some people's taste. :-)

It was 101* today with 8% humidity. They say "Oh but it's a dry heat". No kidding our skin & sinuses are like deserts. No matter what they say it is still really hot! Sedona is really nice and well woth the trip.

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