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So the boys have gone and I'm on my own again.

It's been a good week and I'm sad to see them go. I've decided to head North instead of along the coast to La Spezia. Although pretty the scenery along the coast does tend to be one sided so I'm heading noth towards Piacenza. I cleared the Mountains behind Genoa via Passo del Giovi and then headed down in to the Po Valley. The climb was a synch and the route from there east. The Po Valley is as flat as a pamckae so thenext few days will be fairly easy. I set off at 11:330am but by 6:00pm have covered 100km. Passing through the outkirts of Genoa was fantastic. Full of Italains living their lives. Kids playing in the street, the elderly people watching and talking about times past, arguaments, laughter, it's great! This is real Italy. Cremoan and Mantova to come. It should be great.

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