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At the border, looking towards Bolivia

At the border, looking towards Peru

I woke up early Wednesday morning to catch the minivan that would drive us to the Peruvian border, and a connecting bus from a Peruvian bus company, at the border town of Desaguadero. The minivan drives around picking all the passengers up from their hostels, and I was the first, so actually got a slow boring 2-hour tour of La Paz city streets before we ever got anywhere. 2.5 hours after that we were finally getting onto a comfortable, and compared to Bolivan standards luxurious bus. Coincidentally Scott from my Pampas tour was on the same route which was a nice surprise.

It took about 23 hours to get to Lima, so we spent the night on the bus, but it wasn't so bad because I had more of the over-the-counter Valium available in Bolivia thatI bought for just these purposes.

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