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The full moon party gang, not sure what we were screaming at.

Another full moon party photo, not sure who, when or where this...

Some random victim found on the beach, we subsequently buried him

Sun rise and people still going

Jason at the party

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Video clip 1 of Full moon party

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Video clip 2 of Full moon party

We went straight into the pub for a full english that fully delivered. We hung aboutin the pub for a few hours playing pool and drinking beer waiting for the evening to roll round.

We caught a ferry to Koh Phangan at 6:30 which was about an hour away. We met a few people on the boat and all went to the local pub to watch the FA cup final as Jason is a Westham fan. The pub was full of Liverpool fans, and 1 other Westham fan apart from Jason. We watched the game and then made our way onto the beach for the party.

The party is world famous and we had heard alot about it before we came to Thailand. It is run once a month and attracts DJ's fromall over the country and the world as well as every traveller in Thailand. The beach was full for as far as you could see with people, bars, DJ's and more people.

Everyone in our group was together one minute and gone then next. Chris and Jason lost each other within an hour of getting on the beach and didnt find each other again until sun light, couldnt tell you what happened between that time as it is all a blur, do not even remember taking photos but some how there are photos on the camera.

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