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Everyday life

Well that should remind you life in the States


How about delivery???

Store window

Santa Lucia, Church our hotel was once a part of

Lucia's stain glass window above the entrance

Lucia's entrance

Around the plaza, also location of where I had my last dinner...

Feel up for a carriage ride aournd the center?

Sculpture exhibit, these iron wired teas drops were very cool

Tight rope sculpture

Rather like reality don't you think?

Restaurante Amaro

No I was not singing on that stage!

Amaro waiters, waiting

A horrible picture of me, but when the vino is flowing do...

So what does one do after rumbling around history all day??? One comes home and gets a chance to check out what is their neighborhood for the next few days!A closer look at Santa Lucia, and the main square, along with a walk through the outdoors sculpture exhibit of the modern art museum. Perfect weather, friendly people, just a great atmosphere for winding down the day.

And then it is off to Restaurante Amaro, which is a place you should put on your destination card for Merida. It's easy to miss walking down the street, but once you walk through it opens up into an open courtyard restaurant whose walls are lined with local art! And they have some amazing paintings and work hanging in there that alone makes it well worth having dinner or drinks there! They have some FABULOUS vino tinto! They also have some incredible regional dishes; I had a Yucatan chicken dish that was great, and a regional dessert that is best described as a type of custard, also fabulous! As well as a beer and a couple of vino tintos, of course! The wait staff is very friendly and a riot, made the experience that much more fun! They also have a stage for live readings and musical performances.

So after a long leisurely dinner and few drinks it was off to check out the night markets, yep drinking and shopping a great mix! And don't even ask because you know the answer: Yes, I bought jewelry.... But ONLY a turquoise and silver bracelet and the matching set of earrings. Of course I also nabbed a hammock (not a joke) because you cannot come to the Yucatan without getting a hammock, something for my mum, a necklace made out of coconut (okay so that's another piece of jewelry but it doesn't count as now that I am home it looks like it didn't make it because I can not find it, which yes sickens me), two ceramic wall art pieces (one a sun and one a Mayan pattern inspired piece) and of course a bottle of the local Tequila! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I told you I left room in that duffle!

Seriously though night market shopping after drinking is just best in the tropic climates, again IT SO REMINDED ME OF HAINAN! Of course it could just be that this is my pattern or habit in tropical climates, or even non-tropical climates..... Any who tomorrow it's off to the beach!

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