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Time for a little lunch and the best damn Guacamole ever!

Hmmmmmmmm, Say Jules and Steph, does this pic of the tour bus...

Definitely a more formal entrance than Oxkintok

Mangos, dresses, keychains and more! And most importantly AUGUA!

Inside the ticket gate

Just in case I forgot where I had been

Your history lesson for today

And up we go!

Hmmmmm, I think this temple is a bit bigger than the one...

Oops! Can't forget the map!

This was just sooooo ubelieveable and wait till you see the other...

Yes that's me, in my gear for the trip, pony tail (yes...


Side of the Temple Mayor

Inside Casa de las Tortugas

Climbing to the top of Mayor

By the way there were no climbing signs everywhere


Entrance at the top of Mayor


Exterior of Casa de las Tortugas

Full veiw of Temple Mayor

Deatils up the side of the main staircase to Temple Mayor

Side detail of Mayor

El Palomar

Detail along Templo del Sur

Did I already out this one out here????? At least I am...

Grupo del Cementerio, from a distance

More relief details

Templo del Sur

Mother and Son

Picture perfect moment

A bit of History regarding the next two photos

El Juego de Pelota (the ball court)

The stone ring used in the games

More detail

Tree looks like it could walk away any minute

Distant shot

Have you met Gertrude????

On the way to Uxmal it was determined to be time to stop off for a quick bite to eat! So off the main highway we pulled into restaurant, one which caters exclusively to the tour groups and tourists who bound along the highway to Uxmal. I had my first taste of region Yucatan cuisine with a chicken dish that was incredible! The other perk was the starter of homemade guacamole which was honestly to die for!!!! The best I had ever had and it turns out the best on the entire trip!

Already seated in the restaurant where the occupants of the large tour bus outside (okay here come those Hainan flash backs again!). Form the conversations floating in the air they sounded to be a combination of German (mainly German) and French tourists. Actually I admit they could have even been Swiss....

After lunch it was back in the Atos and onto Uxmal. This time there was no doubt that the ruins were at the end of the road as the highway was loaded with hotels, resorts and restaurants like you wouldn't believe, there was even a hotel practically on the grounds of the ruins.

The entrance was a full service information/history/museum center and outside were stall after stall of merchants. Including a lady selling those kidney shaped mangos Jules and I loved so much in Hainan, I am telling you Hainan is not the Chinese Hawaii I am beginning to the think it's the Chinese Yucatan!

As I entered into the site area, and began my climb up the stairs, well that's when I began to realize how small Oxkintok really was... And how glad I am to have had the experience of seeing both.

The Uxmal site is very well excavated and maintained; you can easily lose your self in there for hours... Wondering in and out over the stones, and through the landscape, the sheer site and magnitude of the Gran Piramide (Temple Mayor) as you come up the main stair well is quite the site, and again what an amazing view to see. And as you take it all in you have to stop and ask how? How on earth did such work get done? And the detail and workmanship that is in every building and at each turn is absolutely exquisite. And it is honestly so big that you could wonder around and never run into to another human soul.

The other nice thing about Uxmal is that it gives a very good idea of what life was like at the time it was being built and was inhabited. My pictures do not begin to do it justice.

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