Rosalie & Dave's Alaska Adventure 2006 travel blog

Leaving Mesa Verde National Park

On the way to Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Bones in mountain side (Dinosaur National Monument)

Leg bone (Dinosaur National Monument)

More bones (Dinosaur National Monument)

Bones (Dinosaur National Monument)

(Dinosaur National Monument)

Old bones (Dinosaur National Monument)

Crane to work on moutain to reveal bones

Building protecting the Dino bones

Our motorhome in the dig area (Dinosaur National Monument)

Our campsite - Varnel KOA

May 13, 2006

Today, we traveled to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and Colorado. We turned onto a road that read Dinosaur National Monument and drove the length of the road expecting to find a visitor's center and museum. Instead, we drove the twenty-two miles one way to the top seeing scenic overlooks along the way. The views were fantastic. We ate lunch when we got to the top and then drove back down. The drive was long and we saw lots of nice scenery and also some antelope. We also saw a dirt road that led to what we thought was the archeological dig, a narrow, winding dirt road down the mountain on a steep road. We couldn't travel on that road. We left Dinosaur National Monument, got back on the highway heading to Vernal, UT. Dave reset his GPS and looked for the Dinosaur museum. We found a sign that read Dinosaur National Monument and turned onto that road. We found the visitor's center and dinosaur quarry. The exhibit was extremely interesting and worth our efforts to find it. We were amazed at the sight of the dinosaur bones embedded in the mountain and the manner in which they built the museum to display the bones. There were hundreds of fossilized bones in just a small area of the mountain.

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