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You go this a way, and pray you don't run into another...

Yea, this is why you don't want to run into one of...

So is Oxkintok really on this road????

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Now where did these come from?

And where did the owner go????


Okay make that a double WOW!

A little historical information



This was taken straight from that crazy dirt road I came in...

Just peaceful

Really takes a moment to take it in and really...

recognize what you are seeing and....



La Piramide in Grupo Ah-May.And no its not the one I saw...

Grupo Ah-May

A little history of Grupo Ah-May

This is what's surrounding Oxkintok, so quiet and real

What a great job.....

I am totally serious....

What an experience to be part of!


Clos up and personal with the control burns

If you look closely at the burned tree you notice the tips...

and the control burns goes right up to the ruins

Info on the next few shots

Part of C5, Palace of the Moon

Inside Palacio de la Serie Lunar

Palacio de la Serie Inicial (CA 6)

View of Palacio Chich (CA 7)

Shot from CA 6

Entrance next to CA 7

Palacio Chich

Human figure carved into column outside of Palacio Chich

Another column figure

Side view of the Temple viewed from the road

Just check out the carving details! But be careful where you walk,...

Today it is off to see the ruins, and wow what choices!!!!!!! Having settled on Uxmal it was load up the Atos and head on out of the city...... Along the way there we kept seeing signs to another set of ruins, Oxkintok by the city of Calcehtok, which turned out to be not too far off the beaten path. So following the cryptic signs with the symbol for ruins, and a series of twist and turns we found ourselves in front of a homemade final sign which led onto the type of narrow dirt paved road, that turns to dirt, and that you pray to what ever you god or goddess you believe in that there are no surprises, cars, or god forbid a truck coming from the other direction, because there is NO where to pull over to!

Along this winding road, which after a while you do begin to question where exactly you are going to wind up as there are no signs of anything around. Oh with the strange exception of a pair of rubber boots. The boots were slightly off to the right side of the road sitting up right side by side, a perfect pair, just as if they were sitting outside a door waiting for their owners.... But there was door, no house, or camp and no sign of an owner in sight. There they sat, patiently waiting for something.. Worn yet well cared for, I am sure they could pass along a few stories..

As the road continued to curve and hill after hill was overcome, suddenly on the horizon was the top of one of the temples. And honestly I think my heart skipped a small beat. The Atos screeched to a halt as the silence and surrounding countryside with its clear blue skies set the perfect landscape for the image. The air was quiet, with the smallest of breezes as I stepped out of the car and onto the road to take it all in, as by this point the realization set in that there was no one else on this road. What a site!

Oxkintok is a much smaller ruin site than Uxmal and the ultra famous Chitzen Itza. The road and area, as you have already guessed, are just the way it probably was all those many years ago. There are no grand hotels or resorts, tourist inspired restaurants, no street vendors trying to get you to buy the local goods, and mini statues and key chains of Mayan gods. There is no information center, or museum. And no light show at night, with light displays and lasers with music speakers having been built into the temples' bases and such.

The entrance is a thatched covered cement square with a table as a ticket booth and an incredible nice old man taking the money and giving you your ticket. The parking lot is not much bigger than the one at the Tropical Maya, and you pull right up even with the ruin. No other tourist or visitors were around, the only people there were the old man collecting tickets and the dig workers who were still excavating and repairing one of the temples. Yes folks this site is still very much a live dig site and the inscriptions and hieroglyphs found at this site contain some oldest dates ever found. And while smaller than the others it was still quite a wonder to see.

Taking a note from my trip to Hainan with Jules, I took photos of the maps and information stones located at the site and they are included here and in the Uxmal section to help me remember what I was looking at and to help you know what your looking at! That was great tip Jules! Thanks a bunch! See I do learn from some of travels, ahahahaaa!

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