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Hey! Its 5:20 AM! How else do you expect me to look!

Send in the clowns, meet the Atos!

So my flight left at 6:45 AM out of Manchester and as always I totally mis-judged my time and arrived just as they were getting ready to board (I did the same thing a few weeks earlier when I had to fly home to Nebraska. Ugh! MUST STOP THAT!!). Thank goodness I had checked-in via the web so already had the boarding passes printed and ready and YES! I got everything into my orange duffle, so had 1 small carry-on! Even had room in it to spare! WOO HOO! I broke the curse, of course probably only until the next time I travel.

But I did make my flight and my connection out of Newark, very good news!

I have to say Immigration at the Cancun Airport was like nothing I had ever seen before. First I had never seen soooooooooooooooo many Americans in one place, and so many who looked like the type of American tourist you expect to see heading to Cancun. But the place was packed! I mean packed! I have NEVER seen an immigration area that was so loaded with people before the lines went outside onto the tarmac area! It was just unreal! And would have taken for ever to get through had I not been at the very end of a long line when I finally got to a row, and by chance the one next to it opened! Yippee!!!! Talk about being off to a great start!

Getting the car was also a piece a cake; however the angry American Actor/Screenwriter, who was on my flight in from Newark, apparently was not having such good luck at Hertz. I don't know what the full situation was because he was ranting when I walked into the space, a bit dramatic and over the top. Whatever...... However can't say that I don't understand, rental car agencies can be a pain, lord knows I have had my own unpleasant moments with them, as the Enterprise counter at the Manchester Airport I am sure has noted on my customer profile).. And he did finally get his car.... And so did I!

And as for the car, all I have to say is where is the wind up key and how many clowns do you think came with it originally??????

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