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We have now landed in Koh Samui. After an adventurous day of travelling from Koh Tao, we were pretty exhausted when we arrived at our hotel. We had purchased tickets on the high speed catamaran but the one arriving to pick us up broke down in the middle of the ocean. So, they booked all the Samui and Panagan travellers on the "slow boat". I must say at first glance it was pretty scary. Especially seeing how many people were boarding. All I could think of were the ferries that have sunk in these areas over the last few years. It actually wasn't too bad. We paid 30baht to sit in the upper V.I.P deck.

The unfortunate thing was that it took us about 5 hours from port to port when it should have only taken 2 1/2. Anyway, we arrived at our hotel, the Banana Fan Sea Resort. It's beautiful. The rooms are very oriental water.

We do miss Koh Tao though, Samui is very touristy. Lots of people in very small bathing suits that should not be. We actually have not run into very many Canadians during our travels so far. Alot of Europeans.

The weather is very beautiful. A little bit of rain when we arrived yesterday, but nothing like the unbelievable thunder and lightening storms we had on Koh Tao the other day.

We are off to the 7-Eleven to get our daily stock of water and beer for the beach. Lots of great restaurants to choose from here, so one will never go hungry.

Please forgive the spelling mistakes as this site does not have a spell check.

Hope all is well back home,

Talk to you soon, Pic's to follow

M & T

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