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Strasbourg Clock


Strasbourg - another gorgeous medieval centre. And a rather lovely cathedral that happens to be home to the 'Strabourg clock' which was and exciting discovery as we had seen a model of it in the Powerhouse museum in Sydney (we think).

We then went for a long and winding drive through the Black Forest. So pretty - bubbling brooks, fields full of flowers, trees just coming into leaf and therefore a bright almost fluorescent green. Fritz struggled up and down the hills valiantly. There was still snow at the top.

We stopped at Freiburg for the night and went for 'A Walk in the Black forest' and of course stopped at a lovely bar overlooking Freiburg for a beer as the sun set. We then wandered the streets of Freiburg in the dark(without falling into any of the canals) and Stu reminisced. Jo, Stu's sister lived in Frieburg for a while and Stu visited on his last Euro adventure. We snuck into the cathedral even though it was shut and then had a fantastic Kebab for dinner. Mine had fried halloumi, lots of salad in freshly cooked flatbread. Yum!!

Unfortunately the next day was May day and everything, like the Freiburg market was shut.

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