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So we head out of San Remo and are faced with heavy traffic. It's not very pleasant so we decide to head inland to, making our way through the mountains to try and experience real Italy rather than the beach resorts of the Italina Riviera.

I was a little unsure as to how they would handle it since neither of the guys have done any serious cycling but slowly but surely we maek ou way up the valleys to our first climb, a 1400m ascent over Col d'Oggia. A little extreme maybe but the only route to Pieve d'Tecco, our propose destination and the largest town in the area.

It took a pretty concerted effort but we did it. Some of the slopes were 10% or more but we dide it! We stayed in the only hotel in Pieve, owned by a car and motorcycle fanatic. He must have had about 10 or so Moto Guzzi bikes, a rally Lancia, and two classic Fiats, plus our three bikes in his garage for the night. A real amazing character.

The next day we were faced with two more climbs in excess of 1000m and then it was a beautiful 25km decent to Albergo on the coast. The boys once again did me proud. A brilliant day!

Froim Albergo we headed along the coast to Savona, where we watched the Borough lose in the final of the Eufa Cup. Unlucky, they didn't deserve to lose so heavily. I hope Arsenal can do better next week.

From Albergo we headed to Genoa which is where we are now.

The scenery and the food have been exceptional. Col d'Oggi was phenominal and the old towns on the coast and in the mountains are beautiful.

Italy so far has been very good. I wonder how it's goindg to be when I head in land? That's the next step of the journey and I'm looking forward to it.

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