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Tim on the Left and Jim on the Right. The good looking...

Did my washing today in a local laundrette. Met a nice Aussie couple who were travelling round Europe. Also had a bizzare 2hours in the morning when I bumped in to series of famous look-a-likes. First Kris Kristoffereson was in front of me in the queue at the information center. I presumed it wasn't really him, turned around and there's Sean Connery stood behind me !?! I got my information and made a hasty retreat in to the safety of the open street when I rounded a corner and bumped literally in to Ben Johnson the shamed Olympian, he had a crazy look in his eye so I didn't hang about and then carried on where upon I was faced with one of the surviving memebers of Milli Vanilli!?!? (in case you didn't know, one of them committed suicide after the shame of the miming scandal)

Anyway, obviously I've been on my own too long and thankfully Jim and Tim are turning up tonight.

I meet them at the airport and with a bit of effort we get the bikes together and we're off! The boys have done briliantly. Neither of them has done this before and they've had to get everything sorted from scratch. A fine effort!

We get back to the hotel for a spot of dinner ready for our trip to Italy.

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