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Now we know how we will share our travels with our family & friends (this journal site).....now we only have to decide what to do with the fish in our courtyard pond.....does anyone have a good recipe for fried koi????

After having been a corporate CPA/Accounting Manager for 30+ years, maybe it is human nature for me to be overly-anal about making detailed plans, & then following those plans with little if any deviation.

The word s-p-o-n-t-a-n-i-e-t-y may be in Webster's dictionary, but it hasn't been in Gary's vocabulary. I am convinced that one of God's purposes in the events of the past 18 months is to teach me to be less rigid.

Being the planner & analyst that I was, much of my 2005 was consumed by analyzing & evaluating how to handle the grenade that life had thrown into our life (see home page comments).

Early in December 2005, as I reviewed options with Vicki, she asked what was sacred about one of the financial targets that I had established. Her question caused me, or allowed me, to re-think that issue, & after a bit more analysis, decide that our financial resources were sufficient to provide reasonable lifetime security even after retiring early at 12/31/06.

Knowing that Kevin & his family were arriving in late December for several days, we decided that the time was right to share our latest thoughts with Brian, Heather, Kevin & Stefanie. After putting the little ones to bed on New Years Eve 2005, Vicki & I shared those thoughts with the younger adults.

Our position at that time was that we were retiring 12/31/06 unless some hurdle arose to direct us otherwise. We did our best to remain objective, despite the excitement.

Since then, we have continued to research, evaluate, ponder, & resolve a whole host of issues, & implement solutions as appropriate; we have resolved how we are going to handle the mail, utilities & financial transactions; we have planned in detail the first trip, including departure date, return date, & all stops in-between; we have made to-do lists of things that need to be done between now & first departure, & to-do lists for each subsequent departure & return; we have read many websites of other people who have preceded us; we have gathered many publications & articles that would be helpful; we have shared our plans with Vicki's parents, both of our employers, several of our friends, neighbors & acquaintances, & every stranger that even broaches close to the topic.

We still have tasks to do, but we're fairly confident that we know what those are & have them scheduled appropriately.

Vicki was asked by her boss not to share the news with her co-workers until later, so she is on pins & needles about that. We have decided not to share with one significant social group for a few more months simply because we don't want our plans to hog the conversation when we are with that group.

We frequently catch ourselves thinking or saying...."OK, now on THIS day next year, we will be in such & such location".

God may be struggling to instill spontaniety into my vocabulary, but he has had no problem instilling EXCITEMENT in either of our hearts. And, I am getting better about the spontaniety. I have decided that I am going to do no planning for the second trip of 2007, other than the general direction that we are going. As I know in my head, the worst that can happen is that we end-up overnighting in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Small Town, USA.

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