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I had to catch the shuttle to the airport at about 2pm, so I didn't have much time in the morning. I planned a very efficient route, getting up early to see the Natural History Museum, then a quick stop of the Gugenheim and the Met Art Museum, before a photo stop at grand central station. I set off, and then promptly had to throw the whole plan in the bin. The Natural History Museum didn't open till ten.

I decided to reverse the order, and dashed off to Grand Central and managed to get one or two nice photos there. After this I headed back up towards the Gugenheim but managed to find time to squeeze in a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Having heard a lot about this calorific snack, I had high expectations, but I found it was nowhere near as good as Dunkin' Doughnuts Boston Creme, but this might be due to the fact that I was still feeling full from the steak the night before.

I decided that I wasn't going to have that much time left, so I just went to see the outside of the Gugenheim as it is fairly distinctive. That done I wandered down to the Met which I intended to have a look inside, only to find it was closed on Monday.... bugger not having much luck.

Still I pressed on and wandered through central park to the Natural History Museum which by now was at least open. I arrived pretty much perfectly in time for the museum highlights tour, which I though would show me most of the good bits of the museum. The tour was excellent, with a really good tour guide, but it barely scratched the surface of this fantastic museum. If I go to NY again I'll definitely try to put aside a whole day for this place, and I especially want to go and see the space show which is apparantly fantastic.

I dashed out of here at 1pm, got to Broadway where my hotel was and did some final souvenir shopping and grabbed some lunch before I got back in time for the shuttle to head to the airport to say goodbye to New York and end a fantastic holiday.

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