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This was the last day of our organised trek, and so in the morning we had to clean out all the equipment. This was meant to start at 9am, but our group being our group had it all finished by 8:40!!! Well at least this meant that we would get to New York a bit earlier. We all got our first doughnut of the day for cleaning, bribery gets everyone motivated.

We then took the customary photo on top of the van, which had the extra fun for those of us used to being on top of the van for loading, as we could shake the van and still be steady on our feet, whereas those who were just climbing up for the first time looked decidely green and didn't quite see the funny side!

We then drove onwards to NY and stopped at Burger King for lunch. This was thanks to everyone's thorough sickness of the sandwiches that we had. Pickles went from being a nice and interesting thing to have on your sandwich, to being objects of loathing over the course of the three weeks.

We stopped again to get gas and David and Susan decided to buy a doughnut for desert. Unfortunately for them, they hadn't realised what game was going on. The person on top of the wheel of (mis)fortune (see Van games earlier on) had to buy doughnuts for everyone, and since it landed on Valerie our tour leader we all got the most lovely, but sickly doughnut (Boston Cream). So after two doughnuts for the day, or three in the case of some, most people were feeling a little delicate. But it proved to be a great cure for the hangover from the last night drinks that Rich, Val and I had enjoyed the night before (note for the future: red wine should never be opened after 12:30 in the morning!!!)

Full of sugar, and most of us sad that the tour was ending we pulled into New York city, to the sounds of Billy Joel blaring from the rigged cd player in the van. We said our goodbyes and went to our various hotels, though some of did meet up for a very nice and cheap chinese meal that night, which was a nice end to a great trip.

NB A new map is needed to place NY - see the New York State map

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