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allllllright! Back in Kolkata now. Feels nice to be back in the big city I must say....although I seemed to have forgotten how many beggars and hawkers there were...oh well....for some reason it's totally different this time. Now that I'm more used to India it seems far less intense. Even something like taking the train was a breeze when I remember thinking after my first one a few months ago.... "wow that was stressful". I've come to realize that generally, most people here are fairly approachable....and almost everyone will help you if you look like you need it. But I did have one rather funny fearing-for-my-life experience at the train station...

So at night time, Siliguri is not the safest of places for anyone....nor are any indian train stations after dark......But my train left at 7:30 so I just had to wait. I was walking near the entrance to the station just mindin' my own beeswax as usual.....when I saw a rock rolling along the ground....Instant reaction, I look back to see where it's coming from. It's some crazy lady just chucking rocks. Not too shocking. I laughed inside my head and tried to move out of the way......but then I kept watching her and I see her just whip this pretty big one at some big Indian guy and nailed him in the back of the leg.....The guy turns around angrily looking to see who did it....and when I looked over at the crazy lady.....she was pointing at ME!.....I dont know why.....she was crazy.....but I immediately became a little frightened because the angry man started walking towards me furiously. this is the part where an angel was sent down from above in the form of an eyewitness who ran over and stopped the man and told him it was just the crazy lady. I was safe again. I thanked the kind man graciously and continued walking......but then rocks started flying at ME!....crazy lady wasn't happy. Lucky for me she had horrible aim......and even luckier, a pack of good samaritans saw what was going on and chased her off with rocks. I saw her get hit pretty hard in the bum once.

Anyways, that was pretty strange. I got on the train after that....met a guy on the bunk below me named Sagar who is studying to be an optometrist.....and had another wonderful train sleep. I woke in the morning to use the lavatory which is funny because you can actually see the train tracks underneath that you are peeing on. It was still pretty early and we wouldn't be arriving for about another 2 hours....so I walked to where the cars join and stood and watched as we passed village by village, and many other fascinating things that would be impossible to write about.

I checked into our nice hotel lastnight, and boy, is it nice to be in a nice place......Its a real hotel, not just beds. There's a massage service....and the bellhop doesn't leave until you tip him! I have a lot to do today to prepare. I want everything to be perfecto when she gets here. I bought her a Salwar Kameez which is one of those dresses with the pants and the big long silk scarf that covers the face. i hope she likes it but she doesnt have to. I just wanna see her in it. I'll write about it all after the fact.......but as for now, I must go and prepare.


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