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Cactus in Bloom

They're bloomin' closer

Ah, there they are - the bloomin' blooms

It looked just like my first ride!?!

The town of El Triunfo was definately off the beaten path, but...

El Triunfo's school and play ground

Once again proving it's a colorful world

The street "pavement", the colors, the terrain - it was all Baja!!!

A classic catholic church - El Triunfo

The door, where they played with the stain glass so the colors...


We left Isla Espiritu Santo late afternoon on the 27th, spent the night in La Paz, and headed southeast to Cabo Pulmo for our last night. After some nice hang time in Cabo Pulmo (which was good for me, as my back "went out" on the last day of sea kayaking, and by the 29th I was in a fair bit of pain), we heded for the airport and back to our respective homes. On route to Cabo Pulmo, we visited the town of El Triunfo, an old mining town. It was on one of the main roads in southern Baja, but definately not part of the tourist curcuit - it was clearly the least influenced by gringo-mania. Although I don't have any photos of Cabo Pulmo (between the pain and the lack of room on my photo digital card I didn't take any of any substance), I'd recommend the place as an off-the-beaten path destination _ although that too could change, like so much of souther Baja from what I could tell. Southern Baja is definately a fine place, but there is no doubt it is being influenced by folks from the great white country to the north (remembering the old phrase "let him cast the first stone who is without sin", I'll leave it at that).

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