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On the way up.

The top (nearly)


The Top

I did make it!

Woo hoo!

Cracked it! Done it! 2 hours almost exactly and I was at the top of Mont Ventoux. What a great view. Yuo can see for miles and miles. The most emotional part was seeing the Tommy Simpson memorial.

The ride down was fantastic until a bolt holding my mudguard in place fell off and I had to try and take it easy until I could get back to the campsite, to fix it.

What an achievement. I'm well chuffed.

I was slightly concerned at seeing the condition of some of the people going up the mountain.....I'm sure there must have been a few people close to death that day. The most amusing effort and the greatest of that day was in actual fact the old fella in the caravan next to my tent, back at the campsite. He must be atleast 65, maybe older. I passed him 4km from the top on my way down as he was happily pedalling his way to the top in his sandles, a baseball cap, some beach shorts and a bike that looked like it was older than he was. What a man! I certainly raised a glass to him that evening. My hero.....I feel quite inadequate. I think he was a superhero or something in his early days. He's retired now but still summons up his super human powers on occasions....like today.

Also noticed that there were alot of people driving to Chateux Reynard and then getting on the bike for just the last 6km. What about the other 20km !?! Cheeting buggers.

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