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So I've left the windy city of Avignon behind for the dread of Mont Ventoux. Initially i wanted to ehad fro Bedoin which is the most common place from which to mount an assualt of Ventoux but having done a bit of research I decided to head for Sault from where the journey to the sumit is longer by about km but less severe, that is until you reach the last 6km where the two routes join and the gradient is at its steepest.

To explain my obsession with conquering Mt.Ventoux I suppose I should explain Mont Ventoux is one of the most dreaded climbs in Tour de France history and a point 1.5km from the top is where Tommy Simpson (one of Britain's greatest ever cyclists and certainly the last to succeed on the World/Eurpoean stage) met his death on Friday 13th 1967. He died of heart failure after pushing his body to the linit of its endurance, something that he was famed and loved for by the public. The autopsy also later revealed traces fo aphetamines in his system.His last words before he pased out are famously "Put me back on the bloody bike!"

I arrived at Sault via the Nesque Gorge. An easy and rather uninspiring climb but it atleast took me out of the full force of that day's wind. The morning had been hell as I was buffeted around by the winds and on two occasions blown off the side of the road. A horrible morning I'd rather forget. I was also horrified to see the unfortunate pass-time of the English t**t has also found its way on to the continent, as I dodged and at points lifted my bike over broken bottles smashed on the cycle paths of Avignon. Oh what fun they must have had !!!!!

I'm settled in trailer park city at the council run camping sight in Sault. It's very cold but I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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