Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

April 21 - OK, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Sort of. We just haven't decided (or agreed) on a destination. I'm opting for Cape Hatteras and then to Martin's in Niagara Falls, a sizeable detour. Mike has somehow gotten himself in 'go' mode. We let the weatherman be the referee. Thunderstorms the next 2-1/2 days at Hatteras, and waiting for good weather there will make us miss the weekend when Martin is available. Also, if we do the whole trip like we would like, the routing is easier up I-95 rather than across to Ontario, so it looks like one or the other. OK, it's Niagara Falls and we'll visit Cape Hatteras another time when we can spend more time there.

Mike chose a slightly different route for going home than we took coming down, just for some variety.

First night's stop is Fort Chiswell, conveniently at the junction of I-81 and I-77, right off the highway and complete with Wifi! We could have gone further, but it started pouring rain and the roads were slippery. A neighbouring Holiday Rambler's owners were anxious to talk to us about Nova Scotia as they are planning to visit the Atlantic provinces this summer before attending the International Holiday Rambler rally in July, so we shared some of the 'must see' spots with them, and got to meet some really nice folks.

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