Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

Freightliner in Gaffney, SC

April 19 - We're on the road again, but just to Gaffney, about an hour away. Mike wanted to have the odometer checked as it sometimes chooses not to work. The techs looked it over carefully, but couldn't find what they expected, and since the other fix is a completely new instrument board, we all decided that it didn't happen often enough to warrant the expense.

Gaffney has a large outlet mall, so we looked it over, but didn't find anything we wanted to buy.

Bonus: Freightliner has an RV park. Rustic, but free! We stayed there overnight.

April 20 - Freightliner factory tour! This was a great tour. Mike was impressed by the overall cleanliness of the production floor and everyone certainly looked like they knew what they were doing. It was fun to see where our motorhome started out.

Next stop was to drive back to Greenville to see if the Brake Pro had arrived - yes! Good! Mike got the defective one packaged up and took it to be shipped back. We also stopped by Tricia's office for a last visit - tomorrow we really are on our way somewhere

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