Following the Maya Ruins by Train travel blog

Taxi in Maxcanu

The Jaguar table top

Looking for a macaw?

On our way to Uxmal

Ballcourt hoop is quite large at Uxmal

Magician's Pyramid

Stonework details

At the top

The Jaguar

Working their way to the top

How did they ever do this amazing work?

On the Casa de las Tortugas (The House of the Turtles)

Juan and Mary Lou enjoying the elegance of it all.

The Gang's All Here!!

What's up ahead? We must be coming near Merida.

Mural in the buildings off the Plaza

Murals visited during an evening walk in Merida

Up early and a ride through Campeche on our way to board the Maya Express and have one of their wonderful breakfasts. Our drive took us along the water for beautiful views of the Gulf and then past many of the colorful Campeche homes. As we traveled on our way to Maxcanu, where we will disembark for a bus trip to Uxmal, I noticed even more interesting details in the club car. The tables had wonderful graphics of animals of the area. Be sure to look at the images here so you can enjoy them as well.

Not a long trip and soon we were on our way to Uxmal, another wonderful experience.

Many archeologists consider Uxmal one of the finest example of a Maya city of the Puuc period. Uxmal means "thrice-built" which refers to the Pyramid of the Magician. Pyramids were often built one on top of the other. It was a different feeling here from the other sites we have visited. There seemed to be more buildings and somewhat closer together. That may be because of the money available for uncovering the ruins. We walked through a courtyard as we wandered. The details on the buildings were most amazing here and there was so much more we could have seen. This site really takes a long visit. Perhaps this is a place we will return someday.... Then it was time to go back to the Maya Express for lunch as we continue on our way to Merida. And when re reached our destination it was time for a fairwell to Juan who had added so much to our trip. Now we will have a new guide and I know we will also learn much from him. We arrived in Merida and checked into the El Castellano Hotel with time to take a walk around. The hotel is only a few blocks from the main square which makes it a great location for our stay here.

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