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on the coach

Stu, Dave and I at dinner


Dave getting his new football blown up! "Did somebody mention football?!"

Stu having his shoes shined and mended

Me in the hotel lobby with all my bags! How did I...

We had a short wait for a bus this morning as the first one was full. So during the wait we had the delight of more public toilets! We had a journey of about 2 1/2 hours to Nanning where we then got another bus (well a nice coach!)for a 3 hour journey to Liuzhou (pronounced Lio-jho). En-route we stopped at a service station and I was extatic at the chance to buy an ice-cream (believe me when you have lived on Chinese food for more than a few days, such simple things give such satisafaction!!)

We stayed at a really nice hotel. Luizhou was more of a stop-over than a place of interest so there wasnt much to do here. We had dinner at a restaurant where there were lots of different counters and you point to the dish you want (not having a clue what it is as nothing is written in English and no-one speaks English!), they stamp your card and then bring the food over.

Afterwards we went ten-pin bowling which was good. I had a lucky spell and got 4 strikes with a total of 115 points in the second game! Then played a bit of pool before returning to the hotel.

The next morning was free, so we made the most of a chance for a lay-in! Jo and I then stocked up on snacks in the supermarket. The supermarket was huge and very fascinating to walk around!

We got taxis back to the bus station at 12.30. In the toilet here I had about 6 people watching me pee!!! The toilets have no doors, and are just a partition! A channel runs along underneath and not much water flows along, so you can imagine how disgusting they are!!

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