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Ellen: Five and a half hours after leaving Arequipa I'm starting to feel pretty good that we're almost there. Then I see a sign welcoming us to Puno. Puno, as you can see on the map, is not along the straight, direct North route we were told we were taking. We picked up a bunch of passengers, among them two British couples who sat by us and we soon began exchanging horror stories of the stupid OrmeƱo bus company. We had all been screwed in one way or another. Us, by the guy blatantly lying to us about HOURS of our trip; them, by charging different prices, and then demanding more money later as well. So we were all comforted by each other's misery as we took off again. Kevin and I, having come from Arequipa, are entitled to a meal. It ain't great and we think it is what makes us sick later.

Anyway, soon it gets dark, then starts to storm, then snow. At least the driver is taking his time. We get into Cuzco after midnight - exhausted, sick, and ticked off. We get a pretty dingy room and go to sleep.

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