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USAF Academy Chapel

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We arrived in Colorado Springs last Sunday after a rather challenging 400-mile trip from Albuquerque. At one point during our climb up the "Raton Pass," we could only make 40 mph. Once again, we were glad that we bought the F-350 and not the F-250. (Of course, our comfort and elation diminish when we reach the gas pumps in flatland.)As we approached Pueblo's downtown and the traffic thickened considerably during our trip north along I-25, we ran into a very unexpected obstacle in the center of our lane. We had moved over into the left lane to allow traffic entering the freeway to merge. Then, we saw it about 25 yards ahead: a solid metal chair, not the folding kind, but the ones that used to sit along side those old grey metal desks that the government or military uses. Off to our right occupying the right lane were 2 motorcycle riders and there was no center shoulder. We braced ourselves and drove right over the chair. Fortunately, our high-riding monster truck crushed the chair and drivers behind us were not affected by its remains. Definitely the scariest experience we've had since we began this journey. We checked under the truck and RV after pulling off the interstate and found no damage.

We actually, thought about throwing in the towel and giving up our new lifestyle after that experience. But then, after a day or two at the US Air Force Academy's RV park, we decided to continue for at least another year. The weather here is a bit changeable. The 81 degree temp that greeted us when we arrived tied a record; the next day, it got down to 25 degrees and snowed. Today, it snowed some more, but didn't accumulate. The site itself is beautiful; tall pine trees all around and mountains to the west. There are also some funny looking black squirrels, the usual grey ones, and quite a population of black-billed magpies. Interesting looking birds that, I understand, can mimic dogs, cats, and people. We won't have a chance to explore the city or surrounding area this trip, but we like it so much that we've already made a one-month reservation for the end of July after we attend the 50th wedding anniversary gathering at Bob & Karol Merten's place in Denver. We did manage to take a few pictures of some of the academy buildings and grounds.

Tomorrow, we head for Great Bend, KS where we'll visit Emily's mom & brother & family. We plan to spend a week in Great Bend; then, head for Lincoln where we'll spend a month visiting with the kids, grandkids, and friends.

Thanks for stopping buy. We'll try to update the site at least once in Great Bend.

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