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Avignon from Villeneuve

Les Villeneuve

The Fort and Avignon in the Distance


Some Arty Farty Picture of a Poppy


The Monastry

The Fresco

Visited Les Villeneuve d'Avignon today, which is over the River from Avignon. IT is the place of the St Andre Fort which patrolled the Rhone and the once border of France with the neighbooring Provencal kingdom. When Provence became part of France the Fort's significance dwelled but the presence of an Abbey wothin the fort's ramparts which was used to house Papal dignitaries, maintained its importance. The gardens in the monastry are proudly claimed to be in the top five Italian style gardens of France. Couldn't quite see it myself. Seen better down the park but never the less very pleasant to stroll around.

The real gem of Villeneuve is the Carthusian monastry located in the main town. You are free to wander round the old monks quarters, cloisters and chapels, seeing what life was like for these dedicated men. There's a beautiful rose garden and a herb garden. Also from what I've seen it also has the best example of a fresco by Matteo Giovannetti. At all the other sites the frescos are barely visible where as this is still vibrant as the day it was painted.

Tomorrow I move on to Bedoin and the possibility of climbing Mont Ventoux. It all depends on the weather. If it's still as windy as the last few days I doubt I'll be able to do it cos God knows what it'll be like at nearly 2km up?!

Bon nuit!

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