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A rainy morning for the gorge, Kalopani

Through the gorge in Ghasa

A giraffe popped its head out to say hello

Great viewpoint normally...

The longest and highest bridge on the trail

It's a biggie!!! Ghasa

Braving the elements, Kopchepani

Kopchepani , lunch spot

We woke up to the sickening sound of rain on the roof. Today was supposed to be one of the most scenic on the entire circuit and all we coud see was grey fog and drizzle. This added to the slightly uneasy feeling we were having about whether we had made the right decision in coming here. The polical situation seemed to be getting worse - not better and nothing seemed to be easing up. We had heard reports of food and fuel shortages in Kathmandu. Apparently some of the bigger hotels had closed and so forth. We had also been told that we would have to walk from the end of the trailhead back to Pokhara - min a 2 day walk along the highway. I started to worry that we wouldnt achieve what we had set out to do and would not be able to get back to Kathmandu to meet my dad - that if he even made it into the country at all!

After much discussion we decided the weather could remain the same for days and we just needed to bite the bullet and get our feet wet (although it would mean missing out on the canyons views.)Gearing ourselves up to get wet...we set off.

Our first stop was a lovely village of Ghasa - where we stopped for a hot lemon toddy mixed with local raksi (local homebrew wine).We followed a nice trail down the into a a very deep gorge and walked along the valley floor (2000m).The gorge is famous as on 1 side it has Annapurna I (8091m) and on the other Dhaulagiri (8146m)making it the Worlds deepest (15,000ft ish!!) We stopped for lunch in a slightly rustic place - Kopchepani. Even though the weather wasnt what we wanted it to be - it was still a very beautiful walk. Thinking back the rain just added a mysterical element to the haunting scenery. We decided against stopping at Dana (even though we were all exhausted) and pushed to the hot springs of Tatopani. It was a long day indeed but sitting in the hot springs later soaking our weary bones made it all worth it!

More to follow....

N and T

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