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999 Steps

Top of Castle

Sorry to all who have been keeping track of our progress through Europe, but due to the Orthodox Easter Holiday and traveling we have been unable to update the blog until now. So I hope you have your reading glasses ready.

Nafplio Castle

OK..Jay won on this one. He somehow convinced me to climb 999 old marble steps to the top of the Nafplio Castle. The weather was great and the start of the steps are just a few yards away from our Pension. We began the climb and at every switchback we were rewarded with amazing sights and views. The water is an aqua color and very shallow in areas...the beaches are like river rock...hurt to walk on but very beautiful. Finally upon reaching the top of the steps were were again greated with another reward...the Castle was free for the day due to the Easter Holiday...bonus. We walked around the Castle for a couple of hours and during that time must have climbed another 999 steps. I mentioned to Jay how proud I was and glad that I had made the climb because it was worth every step...until...I noticed many elderly people dressed in high heels and some younger teens walking around in clothes that would make climbing steps very uncomfortable.

About the time I became aware of the other people, I happend to glance over and see a sign pointing to the nearby parking lot. My bubble was burst...LOL We had a great time and made the trip down in about 1/4 of the time we made it up. Oh did I mention that our Pension is 200 steps up from the town center that we visit at least 2-3 times per day? If this keeps up Jay and I are going to have some great legs upon our return.

After our magnigicent climbing accomplishment we walked into town and down to the water where there were thousands of people in the cafes enjoying Ice Cream and Coffee drinks...this seems to be a daily ritual here and lasts from about 2-5pm. We like this ritual and partook of it everyday...LOL

Enough about today...stay tuned

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