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Strong Horses do most of the hard work here, Marpha

Water is channelled down the streets, Marpha

The temple built into the rock face, Marpha

Marpha's apple factory

Marpha and it's green valley floor ripe for apples.

Very useful as Nix found out...Marpha

Wheat in the Wind, Marpha

Valleys shaped by the process of merely time

More valleys on the road to Larjung

A little town of Tukuche under it's namesake mountain, where the Yaks...

2 lovely views, Tukuche

Almost Tudor design to the buildings, Tukuche

Interesting Balconies, Tukuche

Street Scene, Tukuche

Do you know the way to Larjung please

The town of Larjung at the base of the Dhampus Range

Larjung is built on a steep hill with many walkways

It's uncanny, you can hardly trll them apart, Larjung

What did the lady in the doorway say to Nix? Caption please!

The Dhampus and Tukuche Peaks behind Larjung

Impromtu Path towards Kalopani

Nix and the Dhaulagiri Range beginning behind

Across the bridge towards Kalopani

Doesn't he look daft in that hat!

Different Alpine trees and their autumn tones

Chickens in Kalopani

The clouds were moving in, rain aproaching

Earlish rise and today we walk though to vallley to Kalopani. One of our trekking companions was still suffering from bad feet and decided to hire pony to make the distance. First stop was Marpha, the apple capital of Nepal. A rustic unspolit example of a Nepalise vilage that has a specialty....Apple Crumble. A slice of crumble with Seathorn juice (another local speciality) set us up for the day. Nix had her boots fixed by a proper old fashion cobbler who entertained us with his rather personal conversation about vasectomys!

Leaving Marpha gave us great views up over a massive slip vallley rising to Nilgiri mountains with yet another monstery popped on top. How you get there...who knows. Onto Tukuche ( a main town on the nepal/tibet trading route) to the Yak hotel for lunch, yes a stuffed yak with a surpised look as expected!

Back onto the valley floor and onto Larjung we were greeted with the Tukuche peak (6920m)and Dhampus peak (6012m) which have breathtaking slopes. Up and over a metal bridge (you see alot of these) and skirting over the valley we dropped into Kalopani. Lovely guesthouse with fires underneath the table to keep our feet warm. COSY!

Tim and Nix xx

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