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Me, Ursula, and Sigismund

Ratzinger, the cat. Named after the pope, cuz he was born on...

Sunset in Oia, with "famous" windmill

Abby and Susie... they so cute

Helen in Mykonos

The Temple of Haephestos

The Political Science Department of a University in Rome

He walked out of the house with a purpose, with a plan. That plan was to eat a hamburger. He knew where he wanted to go and it wasn't far, he would be there in five minutes. There was wanting in the air, almost an anxiety, he practically floated as he followed the familiar path, if you can float with a purpose. His mother and sister were talking on the way, but he barely heard their conversation, they would have to say his name three or four times in order to get his attention. His mind was elsewhere, on juicy beef, crunchy pickles and soft stringy cheese. It was these thoughts that were guiding him more than conscious intent. He turned the corner, and saw his destination... his pulse quickened, his breathing rate increased, the pace of his footsteps grew faster. As he approached the door of his goal, the sunlight on the glass created a beautiful halo. Without this halo, he may have noticed earlier the sign on the door that said, "closed today for renovation." The street was quiet... you could almost hear the sound of his heart breaking.

For the love of all that is holy, is a decent hamburger really too much to ask for.

Mind you, I did get pizza and wings, and that was awesome. Apparently bird flu is actually a worry in Italy and Ursula hasn't bought chicken in about three months (they even had the Italian Minister of Health go on tv and publicly eat chicken). In greece the only meat that I ate was pork, so chicken wings hit the spot. Even had chicken on the pizza, mmm. And i got to watch my habs win the second game in the first series of the stanley cup playoffs (and the immense pleasure when I learned that the leafs didn't even make the playoffs almost made up for the lack of burger). I also got a good night's sleep, in a real bed, which I really needed as I hadn't really slept in about 33 hours. Anyway, it was good. The next morning, I went by the photo store and i got my pics developed. Getting pictures developed is kinda like a religious experience for me, I walked the 20 minutes back from the photo shop while opening the pictures and organizing them the way I like. It was great.

This allowed me to post some of my own pics on the site, so I included a few of my favorites. The first is of me and my hosts at the farm where I was working. The second is of one of their cats. One of their many cats, one of their 15 cats, but the only one who had a name. The same name as Pope Benedict. Then one of the many gorgeous sunset photos I accrued, actually some pictures of people instead of just buildings and landscape. And the last one is actually one of the first pitures that I took on the trip.

This is most likely the last update that I will be writing. It's been a lot of fun writing these things and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. I also really enjoyed getting messages on the blog, thanks so much for sending them. The site should still be up for a little while, but if you want to send me any e-mails you can use this address,


Some of you I will see soon, though i hope to see all of you again at some point. May I recommend that everyone take an opportunity to step outside of reality for a spell, chase a dream, see a sight as yet unseen, walk awhile on ground untread. Just get away. It was very therapeutic for me. Anyway, I will take my leave of you all at this time, it's been fun, farwell from an intrepid traveller, and bon voyage.


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