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The tour today was included in the price of the cruise, and it was a hummer--We had a quicky tour of Cadiz city--lots of things dating back to Columbus time which were interesting, but we merely did a drive-by. We drove about an hour into the country side in Andulusia to a ranch that raised bulls for the bull ring and trained horses and riders in the Liebzantzer style--if that's how you spell it. You know, the fancy white horses that prance and dance.

When we got to the ranch, and a gorgeous place it was, we were greeted by a chorus of middle-aged ladies singing songs of their land. They all looked relatively overweight, but they sure could swing their hips and belt out a song. We were served a dry sherry as we listened to them and were able to get close (but not too personal) to some magnificent horse flesh. We then visited the bulls in the field. Humongous animals and mostly black as sin. We didn't get too close to them!

There was a show ring behind the ranchero and we proceded there for an exhibition put on by the student riders. What fun. Maybe not as good as the Austrian riders and horses but really something to see. The horses looked like they were enjoying themselves as they did the minuet and leaped and kicked up their heels. The riders maintained a stoic mein. It was a show well worth seeing. Lee and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we were served tasty titbits and more wine and beer, before we sat down to a superior meal in a grove of ancient palm trees. With lots more wine! Slightly tipsy, we were treated to a show of flamenco dancing. All in all, Great show!

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