Ally and Rob's GAP Year - 2006 travel blog

View from our hotel in Lake Taupo

Painters Pallete (smelly) volcanic mineral deposits on the way to Taupo

Amazing lava terraces

Amazing lava terraces

Ally doing her Elephant number

More thermal activity- ground temp 150 deg C

Collapsed lava dome creates cave - Ally cleans jewellery in special mineral...

TOp down view of cave

Rob does the obvious play on words - some things never change

Something Ally always wanted to Bee

The Waikato river Provides 30% of NZ electricity

100m wide river into 8 meter wide channel creates a huge force


Private reserve on Lake Taupo make for great morning runs

Private reserve on Lake Taupo make for great morning runs

We have great memories of Lake Taupo. The place is stunning -a huge lake backed by snow capped mountains. We stayed in a great hotel overlooking the lake and we stayed two nights for a change. There is loads to do and see around Taupo - Jet boating, geothermal activity all over the place (smelly geysers), honey farms, waterfalls and more. Had some great runs around the lake. One l;et down was that we had hopped to skydive here. Unfortunately it was overcast for both days we had booked. Will be back

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