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Butterflies (especially for Annmarie)

Wall of skulls

El Castillo

Linda at the palace of the thousand columns

One of Yucatans many Cenotes (sinkholes)

We went to Chichen Itza today, another major mayan settlement. It was beautiful, I wont go into too many details as it is similar to what we have already described for Copan Ruinas and Tikal. Chichin Itza is more impressive in some ways as it has the large temples with a lot of detailed hieroglyphs still present. We had a really good guide though and he brought the place alive for us, it was well worth the extra few sheckles! It was incredibly hot here though and not very much shade so we had to be careful and drink gallons of water going around the site. It is a huge place.

We went to see a cenote at the edge of the ruins. This is a huge sink hole and Yucatan is famous for them. They're mostly holes and caves filled with water, apparently created by a meteor hitting here millions of years ago. It was quite pretty there and the place was full of blue morpho butterflies.

We had lunch in a terrible touristy place where we were ¨entertained¨ by traditional dancing. It was the mexican equivalent of the young fellas on grafton street singing the fields of athenry but with less enthusiasm. Having already seen the authentic dance the night before in Merida we weren't impressed with this performance!

Tommorrow we head off to Campeche for the night, hoping that it will be a little cooler closer to the coast.

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