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The beard at maximum growth

The travellers way of drying clothes

Kylies alternative method - Spin cycle

Back to where it all began!

I decided to shave the stuble/beard I had been growing in Morocco, partly because of the lack of showers and partly beause I was lazy. After that we decided to re-hit the streets of Tangier seeing if because we were older whether we would be any wiser.

We got the usual sucker approach at a restaurant but instead of being shocked by the bill we asked upfront and started to leave when we were quoted 100 Dhs, the offer quickly got lowered to 45 Dhs and we accepted. We did get tricked by a guy who promised us he was not a guide and didn't want any money then turned around and asked us for some, but he did give a pretty good tour showing us bread making and a spice man.

We got up early in plenty of time to catch our 3:00pm Spainish train, we thought. We got to the ferry at 9:15am but could only get a 10:30 (maybe 11) ferry, with the two hour time change this would be cutting it but we were optimistic. The ferry didn't end up leaving till after 12 so all hope of making the train was ruled out but luckily we hadn't paid for the tickets yet.

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