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Typical yucatan village dwelling, like a little old Irish cottage!

Taxi rank in one of the little villages in Yucatan

Fisherman on Ria Celestun, flamingos in background



Flamingos taking flight

Linda on board our boat down Rio Celestun to see flamingos

White herrons

Mangrove river

We took a trip to Celestun today. It was a nice enough trip and worthwhile if only to get into an airconditioned bus for a few hours. The heat in Merida is cruel. We travelled through a number of small villages on the way to Celestun, which is on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. Our guide spent the other two hours talking about food making us all quite hungry by the time we got there.

Celestun is famed for its flamingo colonies. We took a boat down the river (more of a long inlet from the sea really) to see them. They were stunning, so colourful. There were a few hundred of them clustered in bunches along the river. Every now and then one of the boats would startle them a bit and they would take off. They are such strange awkward lanky birds, yet they look so graceful just standing there.

The river was also full of fisherman. Im not sure exactly what they were doing but it involved dropping a triangular net and then walking, pushing their boat away from it to collect the fish. A messy enough job!

We continued down the river past smaller clusters of flamingos, past the island of birds, full of herons, vultures and other small birds. Motoring along we suddenly took a sharp turn left into a small mangrove river. We wound up at a little freshwater spring. It was amazing how clear and blue the water was compared to the murky brown river. We just dangled our feet in it for a bit and took the boat back to shore.

We went to the village of Celestun for lunch. Nothing much to say about it, a small little fishing village on the gulf of Mexico. It was roasting, too hot to even go for a swim (besides the water was a bit smelly here). We had some fresh fish for lunch at a local restaurant and sat in the shade for a bit before going back to Merida.

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