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on the way to Madrid

...just takin it easy on the night train

night train bunks

in the narrow hall

waiting...we will be doing htis a lot

MAD hostel quite nice!

open hall with roof top bar

crazy keys are going to be the death of me!

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

more plaza mayor

more plaza mayor

the Cathedral

inside the cathedral

the ceiling...beautiful!

more of the ceiling

more colors!

view from the back

alex in the cathedral...looks like shes praying but really shes just looking...

another part of the cathedral

view from palace of cathedral

me in front of palace

view from palace...this is Madrid

views inside royal palace...very ornate rooms

corner of wall and ceiling

more rooms

more rooms

the walls can get pretty gawdy...sorry dont know how to spell that...




the asian room

more sorry these are a bit blurry...my camera sucks!


hanging out after our long walk around the palace


just walkin around madrid and found this guy

bear and cherry tree...famous for Madrid

advertisement...they are pretty good in spain...more to come

statue in puerta del sol

ah street performers are everywhere...this one had sound effects

typical madrid...just sit in one of the many cafes located in on...

street where MAD was located

more ads


blvd. near prado

me infront of prado



we've taken to naming the dogs in each country we go to...Spain...

inside the royal palace

miror pic inside palace

asian room in palace

view of cathedral from palace

on the Cervantes monument

palza cebeles

I think this was Columbus...hes pointing towards the Americas

in huge park

crystal palace...shows the colors from the light...beautiful!

settling in at MAD in madrid

ok the only reason I am putting this in is because I...

church where the mary and jesus are at that we see during...

inside the cathedral...alex pic

organ and ceiling of cathedral

Alex in front of the Palace

lion in palace

part of the music room in the palace...alex took this awesome pic

part of teh chaple in the palace

again part of teh chaple in the palace

me in front od the Prado

something sweet to smell on our journey for the day

the park in Madrid


more of the park...its pretty big and diverse

the crystal palace

crystal palace up close

lake out in front of the crystal palace

me in front if the crystal palace

ok so he was playing beautiful classic guitar but after buying the...

more of the retiro park

still the park....boating anyone?

aww...thats my travel buddy!

pretty church near the park

loved the sporatic magenta trees!

more street performers...cant go to a park of this size and not...

time for another break...the park is so big we needed to rest...and...

another part of the park

plaza de torros! bullfighting anyone?

scott, alex, and gavan...we all are waiting for the bullfighting to start

thats the ring and there were a lot more people who came...

the pagentry begins

these horses get slamed! talk about horsemanship...I imagine this is how war...

a closer look at the horses...dont seem to paded do they.

matadors getting ready...theses guys arent the main one with the red cape

alex and i before the shocking events begin

here comes the bull...

time for the horse

since this was my first I was in shock when the bull...

now time for the darts...actually it looks like he already got some

darts are about to go in

the bull is really worn out now and so out come the...

the sword is out

another angle of teh sword and bull...its really like a dance

inside a church...this mary we saw on procession later in the holy...

these yellow tulips were everywhere...beautiful!

on our way to find don quijote

there he is...forever searching

I'm helping him look

alex feeling up the firm butt of brass man...lol

in torros de oro bar

the bar has pics from bullfight all over the walls

more pics from bar

wanta drink with this bull head staring at you?

up close pics...beware if you have a weak stomach

for all you boys this one might be painful to look at

me under a bull head

a typical pose

talk about a pain in the butt...lol

another classic pose

sleeping Alex...got another one,,,hehehehe!

waiting in medina...it took forever!

finally able to get some sleep...going into lisbon wasnt easy!

almost there...uggg!

lisboa train station


stairs and hills everywhere! at least sometimes you can catch a great...

the castle...yes we took a wrong turn and ended up on the...

local trolly

me at look out from castle

at the castel in Lisboa

the castel

just messing around

castel views

a statue at the castel

the old mote area... looks nice with clean green grass in it

view from the top

another view...look the ocean

how the castel looks from on top

Alex...looks upset...

yup she might be LOL

gotta love the view

simply lisbon

look of tower

even the dogs have to work

sad yet cute

more of lisbon

front view...we sat and enjoyed the sun in this plaza for a...

hangin out

ok so the dogs in Portugal are called...yep oh so original...Fado!

we sat hear for a while to enjoy the sunset

Sintra castel

royal castel on the top of a very steap hill... what an...



detail of entry

tile everywhere

view of surrounding country side

me on top...hot and wind blown


Sintra Morrish castel

way up to the actual castel have to navigate the ruins first

this was our favorite of the 2 sintra castels...

yep we climbed all of it...might not look like much but the...




view of royal castel from the morrish castel

trying to get one of me

ahh thats better

streets of sintra


a church in sintra

sintra church...we didnt want to pay to go in so we walked...

sintra church

sintra church

nice hotel in sintra...had a great view

a view from the hotel

view of sintra


explorer's monument

explorer's monument

hanging in the park

best lunch ever today. sandwiches mouth watering and these desserts are a...



chilln- lisboa hostel

chilln- lisboa hostel

night time wanderings

night time lisboa

outline of bodies everywhere...a bit creepy


Now this is a place I love. It made me wonder why I didn't head out for Spain earlier. The food, the people, and the culture were all perfectly suited to me. Alex and I basically bounced around the country starting off in Madrid and then going off to Lisbon, Portugal for a few days. Coming back to Spain we met a friend (Chris) in Madrid for the Easter processions, and then all of us went down to the coast. We spent a couple days in Marbella taking a couple days to do Sevilla. From there we went to Barcelona were we ended the trip.

Madrid- wow tapas, sangria, plazas galore, and of course the bull fights...Torro! The first place to see in Spain and I loved it. We wandered the streets, sat in the plazas, ate amazing food, and explored every inch of the city. We went to beautiful parks and churches, and then we did the ultimate Spanish event...the bull fight. This was shocking and beautiful.

Lisbon was all hills, cobblestone streets, and tons of stairs! This is no city to wander around aimlessly with a big pack. This city (this trip!) taught me the value of packing light. Lol. Anyway, I almost want to say this is my favorite city thus far. We would spend our days wandering through winding streets, eating yummy food, and taking it easy in the various plazas...oh and the coast! We spent an entire day just exploring the coastal area. There is this fabulous sandwich place right near the famous pastry shop, and across is a beautiful park. We just sat there eating just about the best sandwich i have ever had, snacking on custard pastries sprinkled with powder sugar and cinnamon. YUM!! What a great day of people watching too.

Sevilla- TAPAS TAPAS TAPAS!!! wow is it good and cheap here!!! there are some businesses here that is older than the USA. LOL. this is a shopping and eating town, but there are some good sights, and i love the old town feel which this has.

Marbella, Malaga- this is the brit mecca for holiday I think. All the restaurant and stores cater to the brits. also not having a car is a bad thing, but the condo chris had was nice and the bus was close. We just spent our days here being lazy and enjoying the pool.

Barcelona- LOVED IT! Catalan is a beautifully crazy language. this is a town for shopping during the day and clubbing it at night. they never sleep it seems! We walked around and saw all the modernism buildings, saw Ramblas a million times, and explored father corners of the city. its big, but mellow. I loved it. It's got a Paris feel to it with the architecture, but the people are way laid back. there style and mentality are awesome as well. Ours days were filled with wandering and simply enjoying the city vibe, while nights were finding good bars and clubs. we found some pretty cool places by just wandering and getting lost. Things and places you don't notice during the day. one bar we ended up at was this revolutionary type place. all young people with Spanish punk blasting on the stereo it was a pretty cool place. Another night we found this club with live music and wow were they good!!! i wish i could remember the name of the band. the lead singer was a girl and after the set all the band was hanging out having drinks with us. it was small and intimate...loved it!!

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