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Fantastic view to wake up to at our Bamboo House lodging on...

The walk through bamboo forest to hellfire pass

Information along the way

Hellfire pass seen from above (me way down there)

Black and white view

Tony in the pass

More information

View from peace memorial outside museum

Ah, the freedom of travelling independently, at the last second we decided that we wanted to learn more about what we had learned the previous day before returning to Bangkok, and caught a cheap taxi (Sawngthaew) which is like an open air bus/taxi with canvas roof! out to a place called Nam Tok (80kms west), from where we could visit Hellfire Pass. This was the place where some of the worst casualties of the death railway came. It is a very large cutting straight through rock which was cut through from April to July 1943, when the workers were in their worst state, and the monsoon rains came. 70% did not make it out alive!

Again, the Australians and Thais have built a really peaceful memorial museum, with a walk down to the original cutting where you get a real perspective of the task that these men were put through.

It is always strange to be in a place that seems so stunning and serene when you know the sadness in the history of it, they have done a fantastic job with this memorial to all the people who lost their lives, very moving site.

The countryside heading this way to Burma (Myanmar) was great as well, but again the rugged mountains showed how hard it was to build a railway here.

Right now back to Bangkok so we can start to head north in Thailand.

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