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Dom: Toronto is home to the tallest building in the world, the CN Tower. It is said that if you get lost in Toronto all you need do is look up and find the tower to get your bearings. They're not wrong. At the base of the tower is a baseball stadium/dome. Locally the pair are affectionately called the cock and balls of Toronto.

As well as holding the title for the tallest building in the world, the CN Tower has played host to many record breakers too. One guy gained a world record by pogo-sticking up the 1700+ steps in record time but my favourite world record was the guys who carried a piano up the 1700 steps in two and a half hours to break the record set by the previos idiots who'd done this.

On Easter Sunday morning I went in search of a Catholic Church. After waiting for 40 mins the Mass started but was in Spanish. I decided to see it through rather than wait for an English Mass. When it came to the bit where you shake peoples' hand and wish them peace, everyone started kissing eachother! At first i thought they must be family or friends but then i saw inter-pew kissing too. Anxiously i stuck out my hand, part gesture part barrier, to ward off the old lady coming in for the kill. Close call.

One day we caught a 10min ferry to Centre Island which sits in Lake Ontario, just separated from Toronto. It was a world away from the concrete jungle in Toronto. A great place for the locals to come in the summer. It was all parkland and sandy beaches.

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