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Dom: The Greyhound bus dropped us in Niagara Falls, just inside Canada. The Canadians got the best of the deal here. There are two sets of falls here, the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls, both were huge though the Horseshoe Falls were more impressive as we were able to get right up beside them. It was as if i was in that scene from Superman where Christopher Reeves has just bought those two hotdogs but has to save the stupid kid with uninterested parents.

I expected the town of Niagara Falls to be a discreet affair. God knows why i thought that. It was like a miniature Las Vegas. Casinos, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, and at least 4 waxwork museums (one is too many). We avoided these but did go to the IMAX theatre to see a film about the famous Falls.

C - Hate to correct Dom but I so rarely get the chance.. there are actually three sets of falls, there's one more in between the two mentioned named 'Bridal Veil'. The falls were obviously beautiful, we were lucky to see them as when we arrived we were tired from the night bus but decided to take a walk and have a look but save the boat trip and the walk behind the falls for the next day. The next day however, there was so much fog you couldn't see them at all, you could barely see 50m in front of you. A real shame but at least we saw them! Being Good Friday you could tell that hundreds of people had come up on the holiday and were no doubt very disappointed and forced to spend money entertaining their children in the awful surrounding attractions.

The Niagara movie was very interesting and gave us an insight in to the possibly insane people that have tight roped over or voluntarily thrown themselves down the falls inside a barrel or similar crazy inventions. The first person to do this, in an old wooden barrel was a lady named Annie Taylor. She was 63 years old! She had a crazy idea that the fame (and therefore money) it would bring her would see her comfortably through her last years. She went over stuffed inside this barrel with a mattress, pillow and her kitten? Legend has it went in black but came out white. Better than dead I guess.

Since crazy Annie many attempts over Horseshoe Falls have been made. Some successfull, some not so lucky. The most interesting/stupid being the guy who went over on a jet ski and the guy who thought he could Kayak over. Both didn't live to tell the tale.

It is also completely illegal and if you do live you face a hefty $10,000 fine!

Some poor kid also went over accidently with a life jacket on, he's still alive. He was on a boat trip with his mum when the engines failed and the current took them. The mum swam to safety but the other two went over. The child was found by a tourist boat and the other guy didn't make it. Bet that was a shock to the system. You have to see the power of the falls to appreciate how crazy these stories are I guess.

We were quite happy to watch behind the railings.

Not quite content with being on his 5th pair of sunglasses since we've been away - Dom somehow managed to drop mine in to the falls aswell. Thanks.

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