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A versatile solution of what to do when theres too many rocks...

Another cheap way of making a wall, much patience is needed though...

In transit - I hope this next train comes...

After some difficulty getting a taxi driver to understand where we wanted to go we resorted to shrades "Chuga-chuga chuga-chuga choo choo", it worked and we were on our way to the train station. After booking our ticket for the next days journey we had to figure how to get the hostel that was supposedly close to the train station.

A taxi driver offered to help but only spoke French so we headed off by foot, behind us the taxi driver was saying something but we didn't know what. One hundred metres down the road and the taxi man pulled up beside us, he had found a friend who spoke English and wanted to help. The hostel was within site by now so there was no need for a taxi but the friend pointed it our and gave us precise walking instructions - there was no hand out for money after either.

After a small explore of Casablanca (and about a million offers to clean my boots) we crashed, the train was at 9:24 the next morning.

There were two train stations, the smaller port station where we were near and the main station further out. We got a cab and asked to go to the main station (Ain Sebaa) he drove off but had no idea where it was so he asked a policeman (he had to park in traffic to do this). The policeman mustn't have known either because we he pointed across the road to the port station... so we ended up getting dropped off at the port station just down the road from where we stayed.

No matter, there were plenty of trains going from port to Ain Sebaa so we hoped on the 9:00 and planned to change at the main station. Unfortunately when we got to the main station a drinks trolley was blocking the exit closest to us so we had to do a mad dash down the other end of the carraige only to see the train pulling away from the station. We were on our way to Rabat or Fes or some other place we didn't want to go.

After a minute of hitting our heads a friendly Moroccan man came up and in very perfect English told us not to worry because the Tangier train we wanted would follow behind this train for a few stops. Phew, we jumped out at the next stop and a few minutes later were gratefully on our way to Tangier.

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