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cycling the trail

April 12 - On to Georgia! It is a short day to Skidaway Island State Park in Georgia. Along the I-95 Mike suddenly pulled over to the shoulder - he had seen smoke in the rear view mirror that seemed to come from the car! He jumped out, but didn't see anything. He felt all the tires, double checked the hitch-up. Nothing. Good. It was disconcerting, but the smoke likely came from a passing truck (there were lots of those!) so we cautiously got back into the traffic and continued on with no further problems. Must have been another vehicle.

Fortunately Trailer Life gives good directions, and also fortunately we were not far behind another motorhome as the signage left a little to be desired. I had hoped the park would be on the shore (with a beach?) but it was very much in the woods. Pretty though.

The park operates on a first come first served basis. We had a reservation which held us a site, but it was up to us to find one! All the 50Amp sites were occupied, but there was a good selection of 30Amp ones available, all large drive through. Only drawback was that there was no sewer on any of them. Normally this wouldn't be a problem except I had planned to do some laundry and Trish and Alan would be with us which would increase our water usage. Mike said it wasn't that much of an issue to drive to the dump station.

We got the coach settled in and I went for a pre-supper bike ride while Mike had a nap. I went along one of the trails, and a returning camper told me I could find supper-sized bullfrogs just off the path. I looked for them, but not on the menu.

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