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dear nader,

so i bought a new hat & tossed the old mosaic tweed, which i'm sure makes some persons happy (je parle specifiquement a quel qu'une vraiement trops de cou et MECHANTE). en-tous-cas, my purchase was made in haste, at a dire moment when i thought i had lost one of my journals for good! i had misplaced it on the mini-bus i took from diyarbakır to erzurum, & only realized so about 2 or 3 hours after arriving. i luckily spoke to the right sympathetic tout, & we found the mini-bus & my journal at a gas station down the road! sigh of relief, but this new şapka's too small! oh well, the other one was as well, but it stretched over the 5 or 6 years that we were together!

now i'd like to take this oppurtunity to send props to those of you who give me good advice, which i tend to shirk, argue that it's not possible, or inconvenient, etc. & then days later, i typically go back on what i said & take suggestions seriously. my trip over the weekend to hasankeyf is 1 such scenario. so i thank those responsible for insisting i visit that quaint town (gram, adrian, & serhat), & i thank everyone for reading. all for now, as i think i'm going to pay the iranian consulate here a visit.

peace. andrew

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