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I got up early this morning and my weird Austrian travel shadow decided to come with me to Mapusa to meet Bettina (Swiss girl from the convent) and travel on to Colva Beach. We took the bus in the morning at 7:30am to Mapusa. The trip took about an hour to town. No robberies this time around either. (ok, maybe I can quit with that comment...)

Once we got to Mapusa we were at the chaotic bus terminal again. We took a taxi down to Colva beach and it took about 1.5 hours of driving. Once we got here we met some of Bettina's friends and had some sort of weird exchange. The Austrian travel shadow is really a strange little dude. He offends people all the time and manages to insult Indian Catholics on the bus, on the train in the hotel, etc. Once on the train, an Indian man started yelling at him telling him never to talk this way in India, etc, etc. The houseboy (I use this term because that's what they use here) in my last hotel told me that he thought I should be very careful because he kept on coming to my hotel and drinking and hanging around waiting for me. Fortunately I never came across him when he was doing this. But, and here's the big but. I get far less hassles when I travel on public transport with him and seeing as I'm getting on a 30 hour train ride on Monday morning I thought that it might be safer for me with him with me even though he drives me insane. God I hope he hasn't found this travel log...I really am going straight to hell aren't I?

Anyway...the reason why I mention all this stuff about him is because we got to the hotel here in Colva and met the Swiss guys. They asked him what the pendant was around his neck and he said Ganesh (hindu god) they didn't know what he was talking about and said is it like an animal for hunting? He started freaking out and started yelling that they were jerks (in more colourful terms) and got in the taxi and took off. It was very bizarre. But, the good news is that he cut the strings. So I guess for better or for worse I really am on my own now. The train trip will be more stressful I'm sure...but probably more satisfying too when all goes well.

I just found it so ironic that the guy who has been insulting people left right and center since he got here got so worked up over something so silly and innocuous. I suppose it really is karma...especially as it was all about religion.

I'm stuck here in Colva until Monday. Today is Gandhi's birthday...and although there are no celebrations here it is a holiday. Because of the holiday though the trains are absolutely packed and I can't get out of here until Monday. So one more day of beach life. I can think of worse things though!

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