Following the Maya Ruins by Train travel blog

Following the train as it goes along

In all its glory

Tikal car.

The rain has flooded many areas

Just waiting for us to enjoy breakfast

Doesn't look like the dry season, does it?

A perfect setting

Reading about Palenque

Crossing an important river as we travel along

Watching the train go past

In the lounge car as we roll along

Susi has a moment to herself

It rained so hard and loud during the night that Pennie got up twice to close windows. It was so loud she couldn't sleep. When we met to leave at 5:30 in the morning Susie told us that she (and some others) had to be moved at 1:30 in the morning. During the night the creek on the property overflowed and water rushed though many of the casitas located at the low part of the land. In the middle of the night. The water in her casita was above the level of the bed platform. She didn't even realize until the security people knocked on her door to help her leave. When they opened the back door the water flowed through like a river and it was knee high. They did get her luggage high and got it in the morning.

No coffee as we rode the bus to pick up Juan and the others on the way to the train. It was early when we got there but the train was very comfortable, clean, and ready for us. We were quickly settled in and on our way to the dining car and breakfast at beautifully set tables, linen and all!! The breakfast was delicious; beyond expectations. When we were through the 40 Elderhostel travelers had their breakfast. This was our longest train travel day. There was time to relax, enjoy the changing countryside and have several talks about the Maya and Campeche. In addition there were special reading materials in the lounge car. Pennie and I found one we really enjoyed and I was able to order it from Amazon when we got home. One particular page was really neated and hooked to what we had seen in Palenque. On page 204 of the book, Maya: Divine Kings of the Rain Forest, is a picture of Palenque before all of the excavation had been completed. It provided an image of how the Pikal tomb, the Queen's Tomb and the Tomb of the Skull what parts were still covered and only the Temple of the Inscriptions could be clearly seen. Because of all the rain we were not able to stop at the cenote (we would be seeing one later in ChiChen..)but we did get into Campeche earlier than expected. It is funny to realize the bus was faster than the train but it was true. There are state set limits on the speed this particular train is allowed to travel. We left the train at Chatolom and rode the bus into Campeche. We are at the El Castellano hotel which is right on the Gulf coast. Our room has a wonderful view of the Gulf of Mexico and the dining room looks over the pool. Not a great dinner but a wonderful night to sleep. There is a big day ahead!!

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