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Patmos Island. Our boat is the sailboat on the right hand side...

The Island of Lesvos - our sailboat

Across the harbor - by night

Across the harbor - by day

The Boat

The Island of Patmos

George - The local expert on Everythıng. Kos, Greece

More text to come. It was aweful. Don't bother sailing the Greek Isles for 2 weeks. You may just never want to come home!

Ok. Now for some details.

First, when sailing the Greek Islands, make sure you have a great sailboat. We did. We set sail in a Tyanna 55, that was awesome. The Tyanna 55 is a very stable boat.(which I would soon learn thanks to getting caught in a storm with 60+mph winds)

Second, the wind only comes in two varieties. Hard as hell, or none at all! They are known as the Meleti winds, and when they blow, they really blow. Luckily we were going down wind when we got caught in the storm, or it would not have been fun. As it was, we made it fine. (although very tired)

The Dodocanese are a group of rocky, relatively barren, windswept islands whose control has been passed between Christians and Muslims for centuries. Greece did not get control of the Dodocanes back until after WW II. Even today, Greece and Turkey have inumerable military bases along this border.

We stopped at Kos, Patmos, Lesvos, and several tiny island anchorages as we traveled north back to Istanbul. By far the most interesting island, to me, was Patmos. Patmos is where the Apostle John received the word of God to write Revelations while living in a small cave. Let me say that, after spending an afternoon in the cave, I can see why he would think that the world was coming to an end! Seriously though, it was a very interesting place, full of historical and religious significance. Fascinating!

We then headed up past Galipoli, Turkey, through the Dardanelles, and into the Sea of Marmara. Galipoli is an area full of history as well. It is where Turkey successfully defended itself from an invasion by Australia and New Zealand during WW II. The invasion is commemorated on Anzac Day (April 25th), and Turkey becomes inundated with Australian tourists. (a popoluar movie was made about the events ome years back, titled Galipoli. I will definitely have to rent it when I get back to the States.) We proceeded north to a small Turkish island called Marmara (Marmara means marble in english), where we met Adanan. Adanan runs a marble quarry, and he was kind enough to give us a tour of his quarry, and then invite us into his home to meet the wife and kids, and enjoy some tea. (The Turks absolutley love to drink tea) We had a great time and then met him for dinner, which he graciously hosted for us.

After several days, we arrived back in Istabul to the Atakoy Marina. I met up with Murat again, Mom and I toured the city, and we spent a great afternoon on a cruise of the Bosphorous Strait that I will remember for the rest of my life. Georgeous! Back at the marina we received a call that Adanan was coming to Istanbul, and he wanted to meet for dinner. The next day, Adanan came to the boat before going to a business meeting, so I hopped in the car, and got a great tour of parts of Istanbul that tourists just don't get to see. Adanan was clearly very busy by the number of cell phone calls he was making, and I thought it was extremely nice of him to make time to take us to dinner. Adanan and I were running late to dinner so we decided to meet mom and the crew at the restaurant.

Well, as it turns out, Mom and the rest of the sailboat crew, would soon have an unexpected guest join them for dinner. Remember all those cell phone calls Adanan was making. Well, lets just say that marble wasn't the business being discussed. For the first, and I presume the last time in my life, I had dinner with my Mom and a prostitute!! Now talk about awkward!! The only thing worse would have been if Adanan had told me that she was for me!! Mom was less than impressed, and we all thought it a bit strange that he would have a Belarussian prostitite to dinner just days after we met the family. But, like I said, Turkey is a crazy place!!

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