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Dear all

This may be a second dose of newsletter today. I am still learning!

Great flight over here with a short stop at Singapore. Arriving in Paris on a fine but cold day; The words of the song 'I love Paris in the Spring' were very apt: It is Spring; but running about 3 weeks late the locals tell us. PF wore her overcoat all the time whilst out and about.

We did all the usual in Paris; first the purchase of a zeekly ?etro tickedt (fanttastic system qnd easy to get around). First stop was the ,agnificent Eiffel Tozer; joined the queue qnd finally got to the top: What a viez of beautiful Pqris: This incredible structure was built in 188ç and wqs only ,eant to be a temporary structure. 320 metres high and apparently on hot days the height expands 15cm:. For the interested engineers it has 2.5 million rivets holding it together, never sways ,ore than 12cm; is 100,000 tonnes in weight and 40 tonnes of paint are used every 4 years. Hard to imagine that so,e Parisians hate the structure and go out of their way to avoid looking at it!

Visited a fantastic music museum holding a rich collection of musical instruments from tthe 16th century up to modern times.

Judy, Pat & Liz went to a concert on the Left Bank at St Ger,aine de Près with a Russian Choir joined by a Choir from Paris: Acapella - Rachmaninov Vespers & Liturgy; heavenly singing and the Russian Bass was something else "divine" singing.

The Church was something else again: The oldest in Pqris; originating in 542. The present church dates fro, the 11th Century - magnificent, but in need of more restoration.

Judy & Liz visited Sacre Cour as P&P were not feeling well with colds that have been hanging about, they also went to the contemporary art museum Pompideu - Yuk! was the comment fro, both girls: They fared beter at The Louvre the ho,e of Mona Lisa and were very impressed with all the art work: The entrance to the Louvre is through a Pyramid opened in 1989.

Meantime, PnP went for a walk, ended up on the Metro and got off at The Bastide and straight away go on to a Canal Tourist Boat whick took us through a huge tunnel that went for miles under the city, the canal was lined with hundred year old trees and spanned by lovely footbridges: Through 4 double locks with swirling waters and 2 swing bridges. Lots of people out walking along the canal: Saw a number of tents that must have housed some homeless people camped on the side of the canal.

Palm Sunday we went to Notre Dame Cathedral for Mass. What a celebration that was: The atmosphere, the singing, young bass was the narrator with a young tenor & soprano singing the other parts and the Celebrant taking the part of Jesus: A very moving experience for us all, despite the milling around the edges of hundreds of tourists who were not atending Mass. I could go on forever about the beauty of Notre Dame, it was just so exciting to be there.

We collected our beautiful car and thanks to "Pretentious" found our way out of Paris and headed for Entraygues. Pretentious took us on some very backward roads; through beautiful countryside - it was very dold -1 qnd snowing at one stage. Eventually got to Entrqygues qnd it was still daylight: The days are long with the sun not going down until very late:

Entraygues is nestled at the bottom of tree covered high cliffs; bigger than lots of mountains like we see at Dorrigo.

The Lot and Truyere Rivers race down between the hills; the rapids are just amazing: No wonder Jenny & Alwyn ended up in the 'drink'!

Our house is just beautiful and very luxurious, in French country style.

Central heating; very comfortable rooms and a most delightful kitchen;

Entraygues is a fascinating town, only found one English speaker so we had great difficulty trying to use the phone:

Yesterday we drove; in our beautiful Renault Grand Scenic vehicle, to the medieval village of Estaing which has so many ancient buildings: The atmosphere in the village was just so moving. Then on to Sainte Eulalie d'Olt - another magical village, and guess what the locals were playing in the main (though tiny) square - 'Petonique' (Delys you would have loved it. Will describe these villages in our next newsletter as this is quite q big one.

Hqve no idea Jenny, at this stage how to put the photos on the website, so I will have some lovely shot when I learn how to do it.

Meantime, happy reading to all:

Love fro, PatnPat, Judy & Liz

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