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Nicholson's Pub. Only Art Nouveau Pub in London

Inside Art Nouveau Nicholsons

Guild (Trade) Hall of the Salters.

Others either via Gatwick or Heathrow departed London for Perth yesterday. AS Ashley and Karin are in London until Saturday I ended up with a few extra days here. Spent Thursday with Karin talking and drinking coffee with a little walking between drink/food stops. Had a fantastic Indian lunch near Trafalgar Sq.

Friday :last day. Went on one of the walks that I would do more of next time(!!) This one was on hidden parts of London. The area was were streets and many buildings have old trade names. eg Cannon street (candle makers) Cheapside Poultry; Wood St etc. the area of the Great fire of London. Catholics were blamed..including on the large memorial..which many years later was deleted by heavily scratching over the original wording. Then a frenchman said he started it, so was hanged, but it turned out to be a local baker..nothing happened to him! THe commemorative statue was to have King Chalres on it but he was concerned that people might think he was responsible for the fire, so it now looks loke a light containing many lit candles.

Each of the trades (Guilds) has a hall. THen and now the presidents of these halls march in the Lord Mayoes Christmas parade. In their designated order. THe drapers are first given their importance to the rich cloth trade of the middle ages. THe two at 6 and 7, argued about their relative positions so the King fixed it by one year having one at 6 and the other at 7, the positions ot be alternated each year. Over time they lost track so there was confusion over who that year was to be at 6 and who at 7. Leading tho the saying 'at 6's and 7's' meaning to be confused! (We heard lots of sayings over the time of the trip. Lynne was best at remembering them..

Baker's Dozen also came from here. Bakers buns were inspected for weight. If any under the whole dozen were rejected. SO makers had 13 checked to ensure 12 would be OK..baker's dozen = 13

If the cap fits wers it. New Presidents of Guilds had to try on cap if it fitted, they were in. YOu can imagine the skulduggery, not of buying votes, but of changing the 'het' to be fitted!

Some sites were 'hidden' in back streets and little lanes, like the oldest pub in London, rebuiult after the great fire (1637??) and the only Art Nouveau pub in London, others were where the famous had lived or were simply buildings with great stories. Or the true story of Dick Whittington and his cat!

Through a lower floor window grating (one of those windows partly below street level) was the roman stone that marks the centre of the one mile square city of London.

After the walk I had fish and chips (VERY GOOD!) at the Art Nouveau pub (Nicholson's near Blackfriars station) then walked..and walked ..and walked. Decided then to take the tube back to hotel area. The line was out of action, so I caught a bus. In the wrong direction!! COming out of tubes when there are several entrances onto different streets can be disconcerting. I was sure I had ot right but with map on knee, became aware that I was seeing names that I hadn't come across before. SO off the bus and onto the other side of the street!

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