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The beach with mosaic tile pebbles at Lipari


Attenzioni !!!!!!! Anni sur la vespa - Andiamo !!!!!



Lipari town from Mt San Angelo

View from Lipari to Vulcano

Lipari hillside homes

Down the hill by scooter to Lipari town

Fantastico, Today - celebrazioni !!!!!!!! Perche (why)? Because a) I finally feel like I have had enough sleep, b) have finally finally go ALL of my photos downloaded off the camera (so check back to all of my ther entries for more pics), and c) have finally had my required intake of broccoli !!!! Yipppeeeee vino rosso when I get home tonight ho ho ho !

Tops day today, hired a scooter, and after initial hiccup trying to put petrol in the bike(E1.35 per litre about $2 Aus !!!!)at unmanned petrol station where you just put the notes in the machine then press the pump number - all very simple really now I am an old hand.... (Ha Ha). Andiamo - off I go, slowly at first, but these are my first efforts at driving in Italy. Have got the right hand drive thing under control now (never was totally left brain fixated...). What a joy, buzzing round the windy little roads with the wind rushing past my face and the amazing scenery. After 1 pm there is not another car on the road as everyone siesta's. As I travel further north up the island, it gets quite picturesque and wild. Lots of wildflowers - artemisia, rosemary, daisies and pig-face. The cone of Stromboli peeps out at me from the haze across the sea. Lots of blocky lava, buckled obsidian flows and white pumice slopes. The landscape is actually quite like that of the volcanic parts of NZ around Coromandel. Far far scarily far below me the wild blue sea crashes and swirls onto rocks. As I climb higher, it is quite cold and I wish I had gloves. Lunch at a little typical restaurant which actually is only serving 2 options for lunch, so I choose the antipasti, and very good it is too - crusty bread, 2 types of cheese, baked ricotta and soft pecorino pepato, green olives, green stuff I think might be fennel (but its green so must be good..), sundried tomatos, eggplant coated in breadcrumbs & fried, and mixed grilled peppers wih black olives in olive oil - very very tasty.

Molto Bene - I am ready for the road and the west side of the island now. On the advice of the restarant lady, totally in Italian but I get the gist, I detour to some steep wild cliffs with beautiful colouring from past geothermal activity. Guys working in fields wave and shout "giorno" - literally "day", but short for buongiorno. I am in heaven now. Have forgotten how much I really enjoy motobikes, hmmmm....wonder how much a vespa would be in Australia. Cheaper than a Subaru thats for sure, just no room for Em. Did see a gorgeous bella figura lady with high heels and little dog tucked into foot space in Cefalu tho......

Spot a sign for Mt Saint Angelo....cant really resist can I??? Up and up I go. Truly wonderful views over Lipari town, to the next island Vulcano, and out across the Mediterranean Sea. I am in full voice on the way back " when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...." and ride just like an Italian. This truly is La Dolce Vita !!

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