Danny and Helen's Journey Home 2006 travel blog

10 feet long and breathing fire

Wild board faces off against Helen's feet

Dragon on the look out for food

Danny dives into the coral just as the bloke informs him Dragons...

After a night of not much sleep and soaking wet, Helen and Danny arrived at Komodo Island in the baking sun. A quick jump from the boat and they were off on their second hunt for Dragons, but with Danny's bleeding hand safely wrapped in bandages, gloves and a plastic bag! Having successfully spotted a few large Dragons within a matter of minutes, a wild pig surprised them by running around them a few times before realizing the tourists were not as interesting as some moss growing in a tree. Considering Helen and Danny were operating on only 10 minutes sleep and a night of chinese water-torture, the pig was a pretty good judge.

After a 6km trek across the island, Danny and Helen decided it was souvenir time. They set about bartering for a foot-long, carved, wooden dragon to sit next to their other wooden animals back home on the mantle piece. The first tactic of the effort was to circle the display of stalls (all selling practically identical dragons) and look disinterested. Although it did not take the brains of a wild pig to realise the only thing tourists would be doing here is buying a dragon! Having spotted the one to target for (Helen trying her best to be descreet but desperate to jump up and down and say "that one, that one"), they began the bartering. It went like this......

"How much for that one?


"What! No way"

"OK, make me an offer"


"You joke! I work 100 hours to make this with my own hands and my children need to eat.... (or something to that effect). OK, I can do special English tourist price..... 500,000 only for Japanese. I do 499,000"

"That's still silly. We will do 11" At this stage Helen lost her composure and said

"No Danny, I REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLY want that dragon. Offer him something better"

"OK, my maximum price is 30,000

"No sir, still too cheap. I say 300,000




"270,000 really my childen have to eat!"

"OK, Helen, we're going" (commonly-used walking off technique about to be deployed)"

"No way I WANT THAT DRAGON!!!!!!!"

"Look mister - you can have my wife for the dragon"

"Thump" (Danny being punched)

"I can't feed my childen on your wife, how about 200,000"

"How about 100,000. Last price"

"hhhhmmmmmmm (long pause.......) OK"

And the deal was done. Simple as that.

Realizing the next piece of bartaring perhaps should be done alone, Danny gave the Dragon to Helen... "No, you carry it Danny" and that is what married life on Komodo is all about!

Later that day involved snorkling around coral and fish to challenge the great barrier reef and a number of stings by jelly fish before returning to Llabonbajo for a well earned drink...

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